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Who knows how to love?

But how do I love you without feeling like I am too much? I am angry at you. Well, I think I am angry at myself. I am angry at you for not keeping your promises but I am also angry at myself for believing you. I am angry at you because you can go…


I buy notebooks and sign-up to writing platforms but every time I hold a pen there’s a voice inside me saying your are not a writer you have nothing to say your thoughts are embarrassing and they’ll expose your weirdo side

A TALE OF TWO LOVERS (From the archives)

Today morning I remembered how your touch makes my body feel. I was all wrapped up in my sheets but I could feel your touch even though you are miles away. The way my heart relaxes when I’m in your arms, and the way I shut my eyes every time I get lost in your…


I keep saying to myself ‘maybe this is how love is’ Maybe it’s a mix of fear and disappointment Maybe it’s a need to say what you think but not say it Maybe it’s a need to say what you think but not say it Maybe it’s wanting to be loved without actually showing the…


If I was to think of just one challenge that I faced and overcame I probably would just pick surviving high school. When I was in my senior years of high school education, I had my first phase of major depression and it was the hardest to navigate because I didn’t have a name for…


I want to write a whole list of the activities that would make my day ideal but my perfect day would be one with nothing to do. When I was younger, I wanted to cram my day with exciting activities but now that I am older, all I want to do is get a day…

Becoming is the secret to greatness”


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