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“We aren’t committed, don’t get attached” Click for Taz, 2021 It has been months since I wrote anything on this blog. I must say that I intended to keep writing but I was tired of always writing about my sadness and depression. I chose to stay away from writing until I found something positive toContinue reading “OH, I’M BACK!”

My Greatest Fear!

One of Your Greatest Fear. Be Honest. Writing this as the initial post of the 30days mental journal prompts is insane. It’s just tough to dig deep within especially when you haven’t written for a while. I am still trying to ‘ignore’ my mental health and pretend like everything is okay. This also means thatContinue reading “My Greatest Fear!”


I have hit a new low. A couple of new lows. I am sorry I have no good news to share this new month. I am an extremely sad person and the only thing you can be sure of is that my life doesn’t change by day. It moves in waves. Some days are muchContinue reading “I’VE HIT A NEW LOW”

Becoming is the secret to greatness”


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