5 easy steps to start a fitness challenge at home

When COVID-19 hit a peak we all got crazy into fitnesss. Perhaps because we had too much snacking going around or we had too much time we needed to create an activity for. Personally, I was faced with some difficulties keeping up with my fitness goals once the gyms were closed. I made my own abs challenge and finished it. I kept making new fitness challenges and now I am at my third challenge- Yoctober (yoga and october). The most challenge I faced is designing my own challenge down to the details of rest time but I got it right. Here are a few of my tips:

  1. CHOOSE YOU CHALLENGE – At the time i was consciously aware of my under toned belly so i went for the 21-days abs challenge. I chose that because it really was my goal. Be it squat challenge, booty challenge, yoga, stretch, kick challenge or just an eating healthy challenge, you have to pick one that is in line with your goal
  2. RESEARCH WIDELY – If you have a gym instructor , consult with them. See what others have done on Facebook pages, Pinterest, Instagram or whats App groups. I particularly found Pinterest to be of much help to me. Apart from giving you ideas, it helps you know what exactly you are getting into and the preparations you should undertake.
  3. PLAN!– Buy the proper outfit, print out charts, find the right you tube videos. If you have too change your diet then do it in advance. Make a timetable that highlights the days you are going to workout, how long you are going to do it and the specific workouts. I decided to do mine daily, in the morning for a session of one hour. Find what works best for you an=d plan.
  4. MAKE IT PUBLIC- yea! This actually helped me a lot. I made a public not so public declaration of it on WhatsApp, formed a group and made rules. This included: posting daily photos and videos of the workout, giving feedback of how the workout went and finding an accountability partner. Each one of us took body measurements for easy monitoring of the progress. Once you make a public declaration of your journey, it motivates you to not let others down
  5. KEEP MOVING– when the gong gets tough keep going and do not give up. Things may look tough but once you get to your goals you will sure be happy.
  6. That is all I had to say about it. I hope to hear of your own fitness challenge and invite me if you may. Cheers. Let me know if there is any i should have included.

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I hope to find my healing by writing. one story at a time!

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