I want to be a man and desperately so. Let me tell you why.

I want to be able to drink with my friends without being cautious of being taken advantage of.

I want to be able to stay as late as I want in parties without worrying about the dangers.

I want to take night strolls without thinking of being raped. Maybe worry about being murdered.

I want to wear whatever I want without being guilty of provoking anyone. Damn, even my own brother?


I want to sleep over at my male friends without putting myself in a dangerous situation.

I want to have male besties without being warned that they are predators lying low

I want to sleep with all the girls I possibly can without being labelled a slut.

I want to have sex freely without the evidence of no longer not a virgin

or my vaginal muscles being too lose.

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I want to not want to be a mother without being judged.

I want to choose when to be a mother without worrying about my eggs being less fertile.

I want to be a mother without worrying about dying while at it.

I want to have children when I want without anyone judging my fertility

 I want to not worry about losing shape after birth and being fat shamed about it

I want to admit that I struggle with parenthood without being called a bad mother

I want to marry when I want and not be the old cat lady

I want to not know how to cook without being called not a wife material

I want to not do the chores I do not like without feeling like am failing at womanhood

 I want to emotionally react to situations without it being called “woman things”

I want to cry when am sad and overreact to my friends’ baby photos because that brings me joy as a woman.

I want to be employed without anyone worrying about emotional decision making

or mood swings and maternity leaves bringing loss to the company

 I want not to be asked for sexual favors before I am employed in a job I deserve

I want not to be groped in the office and let it slide

 I want not to constantly worry about being judged by my looks and not my brains

I want to be a boss and everyone will listen to me despite of my gender

I want to win without people saying “a woman did this”

I want them to realize that I am capable of doing it just as a man is capable

I want to give opinions on feminism without being called bitter, single or toxic

I want not too work twice as hard as the other gender just to prove that I can

Oh God, I want so many more things

I want to join the army

I want to play dangerous sports

 I want to feel comfortable in the company of men; fellow humans

I want to live a life without limitations based on a sex I have no control over

I want to be a man so that I don’t feel the curse of being a woman

 I want my parents to leave me a piece of land or inheritance

 I want them to celebrate my birth just like that of my brothers’; with joy and pride

I want to be a man so that I don’t feel unlucky being a woman

I want to be a man because I know how underprivileged I am just by being a woman.

Published by La Protagoniste

I hope to find my healing by writing. one story at a time!

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