Sometimes I sit by and encourage myself through remembering good quotes that I hold on to. I have dozens of them in my notebook, phone notes and laptop. I had this kind of (I lacked the adjective) idea that I would share them on my blog every Monday and see if those that read it feel the same way.

Maybe they’ll even share their favorite quotes with me too.

The weird thing is that I collect them from everywhere ( like a quote hunter or something). Ha! Anyways, some might sound like just a saying and they may not have any particular impact on ME but I can’t seem to shake it off my head.

Remember the saying/quote/ line by Alexander Mahone on Prison break that, ” The problem I find with being on a trail is that by definition you’ll always be behind your prey.”

That one has stuck. I am not a detective, I certainly do not hunt even for recreational purposes and I do not think of any situation where I will apply this quote but I just love it. It is weird but I do.

I sometimes just go through goodreads.com quotes to just browse and see what’s there. My small sister says I have a fixation with quotes. Weird I think.

Let me know if you love quotes like I do. I am going to share them on Mondays though. Why? I don’t know. Ha!

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